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Car Rentals - Exuma Bahamas

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Restaurants - Our Favorites

Big D’s Conch Shack
Big D’s Conch Shack – 1 minute.
Just a short walk down the beach and you will find one of the happiest places in Exuma. Once there you can enjoy some delicious drinks, fresh seafood, and some of the best conch on the island.
	Palapa restaurant Exuma, Bahamas
Palapa Restaurant – 4 minute car ride
Located in the Grand Isle resort just a few minutes away. Their all day menu offers something for everyone. Traditional American style cuisine as well as freshly prepared island favorites.
23 North Beach Club Exuma, Bahamas
23 North Beach Club – 4 minutes
Located in the Grand Isle resort. Called the jewel of Grand Isle. Dinners only: Wednesday – Sunday. Fresh seafood, finest cuts of meat, premium cocktails. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a fine dining experience.
Coco Plum Bistro Exuma, Bahamas
Coco Plum Bistro – 2 minutes
A small, quaint, and popular restaurant just down the beach. You may want to consider making a reservation, they often fill up. They combine two cultures with their French and Carribean style cuisine. Delicious food, beautiful views, and great people.
Eva's Place Exuma Bahamas
Eva’s place Bakery
& Native Dishes
Just down the road you will find this little gem. The breakfast sandwiches are delicious, and they have incredible pastries. You may want to get there early or they will be all sold out for the day.
Litehouse Café & Ice Cream Parlor  Exuma Bahamas
Litehouse Café & Ice Cream Parlor
On a hot day, don’t forget about Litehouse, a beautiful café located right on the beach. Known for their amazing ice cream, big views, and very fair pricing you may just stop by everyday!
Latitudes @ exuma beach resort
Latitudes @ exuma beach resort
Latitudes is open for lunch and dinner, serving a variety of Bahamian and continental cuisine. Depending on your preference, you can either dine inside in the air conditioning or choose to have a seat on their patio where you can enjoy amazing views of Elizabeth harbor.
Splash Bar and Grill Exuma Bahamas
Splash Bar &
If you are looking to please everyone in your group, Splash may be the place. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner they offer a variety of American and Bahamian dishes. You will find burgers, pizza, seafood, and much more. If you are in the mood, take a seat at the bar in one of the swinging chairs.
Shirley’s Seafood Restaurant / Fish Fry Exuma Bahamas
Shirley’s Seafood Restaurant / Fish Fry
The fish fry is a collection of 8- 10 small restaurants. It’s a hot spot for both tourists and locals, often on Friday and Saturday nights there will be music for all to enjoy. Shirley’s is by far the most famous of the restaurants, and she deserves it. Her curried lobster, garlic grouper, and blackened shrimp are amazing! This is definitely a must stop when visiting Exuma.
Mike’s Pizza Plus
Mike’s Pizza Plus Burgers & Wings
Mike’s Pizza is located in Darville Plaza next to Prime Meats market. They serve an all day menu that has plenty of choices for the whole family. If you have any picky eaters that don’t appreciate the fresh seafood the island has to offer you can always get pizza, subs, burgers, wings, and more from Mike’s.
Copia Restaurant Exuma Bahamas
Located in the Peace & Plenty hotel in downtown Georgetown. Formerly +39, Copia is a new brand that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have an expansive menu that offers local dishes, fresh seafood options, and even sushi. If you are in Georgetown shopping at the straw market and feeling hungry Copia is a great choice.
The Blue Conch Exuma Bahamas
The Blue
Located next to the Exuma Palms Hotel The Blue Conch offers a variety of Bahamian dishes, sandwiches, and more. If you are in he mood for a little entertainment or want to test out your vocal cords, Tuesday’s are Karaoke night.

Restaurants - Little Exuma Locations

Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill
Tropic Breeze Beach Bar & Grill
If you take the trip to Little Exuma, this is definitely the place to go. Chef Khristont will amaze you with his delicious dishes. Jerk chicken wings, Lobster Burgers, seafood platter, everything is absolutely amazing! Be sure to check if they are open, it’s a drive to little Exuma. Chef Khristont also offers private dining experiences in your own home. I highly recommend him, I have used him before myself and he does not disappoint. Besides all the lobster, I think the sushi was my favorite!
Santanna's Bar & Grill
Santanna’s Bar & Grill
Santanna’s is located on Little Exuma and is known for their flavorful spices and sauces. Dee’s onion and Peppa sauce has become so popular that she now sells it on her website. There is only outdoor seating so try to get a table in the shade, or make sure you where some sun screen.
Mom's Bakery Exuma Bahamas
Mom’s bakery is located right next to Santanna’s and you can not leave Little Exuma without stopping by. You better go early though, see sells out quick. Mom usually has a selection of 4- 5 different cakes and tarts for you to choose from. I like them all, but the Rum cake is out of this world good!
Haulover Bay & Grill
Haulover Bay
& Grill
Haulover Bay is located on Little Exuma and boasts huge views. Take a seat on the bench at the end of the dock and look at one of the nicest panoramic views in all of Little Exuma. In addition to the views, they offer a variety of Caribbean dishes and crafted drinks.
Blue On The Water
On The Water
Blu on the water is located on Little Exuma. Blu prides itself on using the finest ingredients and the freshest seafood from the island. Enjoy your eloquently prepared meal, and your island inspired drink while you are gazing at the beautiful Exuma waters.
Chat 'N Chill'
'N' Chill
Located on Stocking Island, the only way to get here is by boat. You can take a private boat or take the water taxi that runs very hour. Chat N Chill is a great place to visit for the day. You can swim with the stingray which are always there, look for big starfish, or just enjoy the beach. The restaurant has plenty of options to eat, or just relax and grab a drink. Sunday’s is the best day to go, they have a pig roast that you will definitely enjoy. Be sure not to stay too long if you took the water taxi, you don’t want to miss the last ride back.

Grocery Stores - Exuma Bahamas

Exuma Markets Georgetown.jpg
Exuma Markets,
Exuma Boat Rentals Bahamas
Shop Rite,
Prime Island Meats
Prime Island Meats,
Hooper’s Bay
Smitty’s 7 eleven Convenience, Farmer’s Hill
7 Eleven
Bowe’s Convenience Store, Farmer’s Hill
Convenience Store

Other Essentials - Exuma Bahamas

Shell Gas Stations Exuma
Shell Gas Station
242 Prime Spirits
242 Prime Spirits
C.N.K. Liquor
C.N.K. Liquor
Chef Khriston
Chef Khriston
Chef Tevin
Chef Tevin
Pink Lady’s Delights, Exuma, Bahamas
Pink Lady’s Delights
Chef Paul, Exuma, Bahamas
Chef Paul
Island Flare Private Chef & Catering
Private Chef
Chef Tahj Delien, Exuma, Bahamas
Chef Tahj Delien
Chef Vandera, Exuma, Bahamas
, Exuma, Bahamas
Chef Vandera
Chef Keva, Exuma, Bahamas
Chef Keva Catering